i'm an excellent shot

Please do not send anonymous theme questions, all anonymous theme questions will be ignored indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What theme are you using?

I am using my own theme. It is not available and I will not give it to you until it is public. 

How can I make my sidebar image change like yours? / How do I do the random image script? / Do your sidebar images change?

I used the random image script, lmthemes made a great tutorial which can be found here.

Why are you so rude?

Getting asked the same questions several times a day can make a person come off as bitter more and more they are asked. If it bothers you, don’t ask me questions…

How many people do you follow?

Somewhere between 70 and 80 at any given time, you can refer to my blogroll and do the math if you want an exact answer… 

How do you make your themes?Do you use photoshop to make your themes? / What program do you use to make your themes?

I make my themes using a combination of the native Tumblr Customize page with Notepad and .php files. Along with various web based programs like colorpicker.com, and www.degraeve.com

I know how to do change Photoshop docs to CSS & HTML mark-ups but it’s not really meant for Tumblr as you’d have to do all the stupid variables over again and ultimately wasting a lot of time in the process, so no I don’t.

What program do you use to make gifs/graphics?

Photoshop CS5, and no I don’t know where you can get it. 

Where can I learn to make gifs?

There are lots of different ways to make gifs, but this is my own tutorial on how I make gifs.

Follow me? / Follow for Follow? / Promos?

I don’t follow back by request, if this helps, I look at almost everyone that follows me that has an interesting url or icon’s blog. Also, only good friends are permitted to ask for promos.

How can I _______ to my theme?

If you ask me off anon, I will try and help you the best that I can, but anons are ignored for the most part. Sorry!

Where can I watch (show/movie)?

I watch most shows and some movies on here, just search the show/movie. I normally pick putlocker or sockshare!